Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

This Website Maintenance Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a service agreement between parties the “Customer and SME Advertising Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “service provider”). This document defines the minimum performance measures at/or above which the service delivered is considered acceptable.

1.    Definitions

1.1. “Maintenance Service Fee” shall mean a rate paid by the customer for the SME website and website maintenance related support. This fee is paid monthly via debit order. Customer has agreed to pay monthly installments to service provider.

1.2. Website Maintenance shall mean basic website changes and additions as specified here that do not require more than 1 hour to complete:

– Updating images and basic (copy) details

– Events or product updates

– Graphic design hours not more than 1 hours per month

and does not include:

  • website redesign
  • additional website pages
  • graphic design for other platforms/media,
  • Server Side Scripting or Database modifications
  • Call out for meetings

1.3. Server Side Script shall mean a program that is processed on the server, before the information ever reaches the user’s computer. These programming languages include but are not limited to PHP, ASP and ASP.NET.

1.4. “Term” shall mean the initial (12) twelve month term of Website Maintenance after election by customer.

1.5. “Renewal Term” shall mean any (12) twelve month term of Website Maintenance services elected by customer subsequent to the Term.

1.6. “Softwareshall mean any artwork, programs, procedures, rules, and any associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a website. For example a website, Content Management System, 3rd party applications like Forums, Blogs etc.

2.    Website Maintenance Agreement Term

The term of this agreement is a (12) twelve month. The renewal term will automatically start once the term has lapsed on a month to month basis unless termination has been received.

3.   Website Maintenance Agreement Termination

3.1. The term or renewal term can be terminated as per a 30 day cooling off period after the commencement or renewal date of the agreement. Notice of this termination must be made in writing. Termination after project has already commenced or completed will require a payment of a calculated settlement amount. (Refer to Terms and Conditions.)

3.2. If the customer terminates the agreement prematurely to its term, then any unpaid Maintenance Service Fee’s will be invoiced based on the longest serving level.

3.3. In the event that payment is not received for 3 consecutive months, Graphic Edge reserves the right to cancel the SME Website agreement and request payment of the full outstanding balance of the website.

4.    Amendments of Contract

The Level of your Website Maintenance Agreement can be modified by giving 30 days notice in writing.

5.   Customer Obligations

The customer agrees to provide SME Advertising with reasonable access to all necessary personnel to answer any questions about any problems reported by the customer regarding the Software. Customer also agrees to promptly implement all updates provided by either a 3rd party or SME Advertising if requested. When requested and necessary, the customer shall provide SME Advertising in writing a reasonable description of the maintenance required along with any additional information or software required to complete the Website Maintenance.

The customer agrees to send all website maintenance requests as one (1) comprehensive request once a month. The 1 hour maintenance cannot be broken down into several update requests within the same month.

6.   Primary Contacts

The customer shall appoint one (1) individual within customer’s organization to serve as primary contact between the customer and SME Advertising and to receive support through SME Advertising`s telephone or email support. All of the customer’s support enquiries shall be initiated through this contact and logged internally.

7.    Level of Support

7.1. 99% of the time SME Advertising will start works on your Website Maintenance requests within three to five (2-4) working days of receiving the request. Should a delay be anticipated, SME Advertising will notify customer within the initial 48 hours of receiving request from customer.

7.2. All website requests should be submitted via email to A confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge receipt and confirm that requested updates fall within definition of website maintenance as defined in this SLA.

8.    Error Correction

Upon identification of any Website Maintenance error, the customer shall notify SME Advertising of such error and shall provide SME Advertising with a problem report and enough information to reproduce the error. SME Advertising shall use its reasonable efforts to respond to problem reports. SME Advertising shall begin to correct any reproducible

Website Maintenance errors in the Software attributable to SME Advertising with the level of effort commensurate with the error within one (1) business day. SME Advertising shall not be responsible for correcting any errors not attributable to SME Advertising. SME Advertising may, at it’s discretion, bill additional for correcting errors caused by client while accessing the site via their CMS Administrator account.

9.   Hosting

SME Advertising does not offer hosting services, and all hosting related queries should be referred to the relevant service provider. These queries may include, but are not limited to, email set up and management, domain disk quota, hosting billing, restoring of attacked websites, etc.

In the event, the customer wishes to change hosting service providers before full payment of website has been received, SME Advertising will charge a service fee to facilitate the transfer. Website administrative access will not be given to any third party until final settlement payment of the website is received.

SME Advertising will not be responsible for maintaining backups for the website. We recommend that the customer ensure that their hosting service provider has a facility for maintaining backups.

10.   Go live Policy

No software, error correction or modification will go live on Fridays or the day before a public holiday unless otherwise agreed upon. Support is limited over the weekend & holidays and this policy is designed to reduce the risk of critical errors over this period.

11.Increasing Charges

SME Advertising may increase the Annual Charge, Normal & Abnormal Hourly Charges as set out in this Agreement by giving 30 days’ prior written notice to take effect at the end of the notice period. In such an event, the Customer may terminate this Agreement before the end of the said notice period by a written notice to SME Advertising.

12.SME Advertising Contact Information

Website Maintenance service is available (Excluding South African Public Holidays):

Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m (GMT+2)

Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m (GMT+2)

Phone: 087 802 6820


By signing up for the installment payment option for your website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Service Level Agreement. You may return to the shop.






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